sunday slow down



Good evening friends. Hope everyone is well and resting for the upcoming week. This weekend was lovely! I got the chance to practice yoga with a teacher I really enjoy, Darren Rhodes over at Yoga Glo in Santa Monica. A bunch of my yoga friends were there and we rocked it out! It was packed and sweaty and my body is totally worked from head to toe. That is one of my favorite feelings – you know when you have worked out so hard at whatever it is you are doing and you’re sore and tired and sleep like a baby. Ahhh. Makes me think it is definitely time to go back to advanced yoga practice at my studio.

After Darren’s morning class I came home, ate leftovers and read on the couch for several hours. It’s been a while since I had a Sunday to myself at home to just enjoy the breeze coming through the windows and catch up on reading. My days are typically super packed which is awesome, but I sure enjoy peaceful time at home as well. This week I am going to schedule out some down time for myself, an hour here and there to relax. I haven’t done that recently and today was a good reminder that it’s time to start that back up.

I took my lunch and supper outside today. I have a back door with steps and now that the weather is so nice here in LA I am making it a point to eat outside again. Oh and it’s staying light out later too which I LOVE! Pictured above is my supper of leftovers: brown rice, chickpeas, carrots, chard, cashew dressing, roasted bell pepper, and avocado. Delicious!

Ok, I am off to get my house in order and go to bed early. I have a new client tomorrow, research for the new ebook to do and am subbing a yoga class in the evening. It will be a full day and I need extra rest ;)

See you all back here soon.



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