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sunrise juice



Happy Monday! I hope you all had a peaceful weekend. It was quiet over here at the house. I’ve been taking it easy since my left shoulder is injured and making sure to get plenty of rest.

My creativity is flowing in the kitchen and I’ve got lots of new recipes to share. Turmeric is steady on my radar to help with the inflammation in my shoulder. Jason brought home the other day and it was so strong! We buy fresh turmeric regularly but this time it was more aromatic than usual and full of moisture when peeled. It juiced beautifully ;)

We drink carrot juice weekly because it is nutrient dense and makes us feel good. I’ve been working on variations of carrot juices and this one is amazing. The ingredients are also in season right now making it even more nutritious and bursting with flavor. This juice is bright, refreshing, and loaded with antioxidants and minerals.

The addition of turmeric gives the juice a grounding energy which is important this time of year. Typically juices are highly vibrational, meaning they give us huge bursts of energy, that feeling of aliveness. Consuming too many foods like that can take our energy up and out which can cause us to have less of an inward focus. Using a powerful herb like turmeric in juice helps draw the energy inward.


Sunrise Breakfast Juice

serves 2


Ingredients //

  • 1.25 lbs. carrots
  • 2 grapefruits (I used pink)
  • 1-3 inch knob of turmeric, (I used 3)


Method //

  • Wash the carrots well.
  • Peel the grapefruit and turmeric.
  • Run produce through your juicer.
  • Drink immediately or store in a glass jar in the fridge for 1 day.


For a sweeter juice add more carrots. The flavor will depend on the produce that you use. I’ve been enjoying this juice for breakfast and can’t wait to hear what you think!



  • Melissa

    This looks absolutely amazing! I have loads of carrots on hand right now & a pomelo. Might have to make an adapted version. I have passed on to my Mom, as well, who is taking lots of curcumin supplements for her cancer. I am always looking for new ways to get turmeric in her system! Do you think I could blend in turmeric powder in place of the fresh? I know fresh is best, but I’ve had a hard time finding it! Thanks :)

  • Meg

    Good & Happy Monday to you, Ashley!
    I have the same questions as Melissa in regard to supplementing tumeric powder. I have so much of the powder and am always looking for new ways to use it in recipes.

    Have a super week!
    Love Meg

  • ashley

    Hey Melissa & Meg!

    Thanks for writing. You can use turmeric powder in the juice by blending or stirring. Start with 1-2 tsp. and build from there. Please let me know how it turns out!
    Wishing you both a great week.

  • topa

    Beautiful pictures and great tipp to add turmeric! Thank you! :-)

  • maya

    just made this as a midnight snack (silly, i know) – and i love it! added lemon and ginger and used my handy dandy blender juicing method: blitzing everything together in a blender with a splash of water, and squeezing out the juice through a heavy duty paper towel. om nom nom. thanks ashley!

    • ashley

      You are welcome Maya! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xoa

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