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Good evening! Hope this finds everyone well. I am getting an earlier start tonight as I am planning to go to bed early – lots of cooking to do tomorrow. I am really excited about how things are coming together for my eBook. I’m about 1/2 way through recipes and photos and have all day Sunday dedicated to putting the first draft together. Ah! It’s actually happening. It feels great to be working on a creative project again and making a book. Those of you that are familiar with my art practice know how much I love making books/magazines/etc and it’s awesome to be able to combine my love of healthy food and publishing. I feel positive about all of it right now, giddy even ;)

I mentioned in my post last night that I have been tracking my magic each day per the direction of my life coach. Some of you have commented about it and others have emailed. I wanted to take a little time to write more about that because it’s interesting and a very useful tool. Each morning after my meditation I set aside some specific time to get clear on my intentions for the day. I ask the universe to guide me and support me in removing whatever stands in the way of my usefulness to others and my dreams – really they are one in the same. My biggest dream is to have inspiring and meaningful connections with people – in whatever form that takes.

Once I have spent some time in my intentions and prayer I move on with my day. Throughout my waking hours I simply pay attention. I realize how basic this sounds but in actuality it’s challenging! Think about how much is happening in the world that is distracting and then think about how much we intentionally distract ourselves – it’s endless really. In an effort to pay attention and direct my energy in a more constructive way, a way that is inline with how I want to live my life, I have started limiting my time on social media. AH-MAZING is all I have to say about that right now! One of the best ideas I’ve had in a while for sure.

So that’s basically it – I pay attention and when I notice the magic happening in my life I make note of it. I am a believer in that what we focus on we have more of and have noticed in the last week that the more I focus on the magic in my life the more magical it becomes. It’s pretty awesome. The thing with magic tracking is that is isn’t about the “stuff” that I am getting, it’s about paying attention to the goodness and love that is in the everyday and is often clouded over by fear and longing and stress. Focus on the magic – the extraordinary power that underlies everything and that continuously shows me how supported and taken care of I am.

I don’t spend a lot of time judging the magic in my life, weighing one experience better than another. I strive to make things equal and see the merit and value in it all. For example, I have been asked to guest blog for a new health/fitness blog launching next month. I have been wanting to guest blog for a while, it is one of my goals for this year. This is a big deal for me and it just fell into my lap by virtue of me showing up and blogging for the last year. The other day I met an amazing person in a yoga class and had a super inspiring 6 minute conversation with him. It could be easy to believe that the guest blogging opportunity is far greater than a random interaction with a stranger but I don’t want to think like that. To me it’s all magic. The more I pay attention to these seemingly ramdom occurrences the more grounded and moved I feel. I’m at a point in my life where focusing on the positive is just way more appealing to me. Negativity is boring and tired. Seriously.

I encourage you to practice tracking your magic each day and see what unfolds. It’s like looking at the world though the lens of a young person – get excited about the here and how, be curious, show up, say hi, smile and smile often, laugh with strangers and don’t be so afraid of everything. We have a tremendous amount to be grateful for so lets act like it. If you track your magic let me know how it goes, would love to hear from you.



  • Lisa

    Hi Ashley,
    just to comment on the word ‘intentions’,
    which is perhaps not quite the same inference as in-tensions…
    Have a simply splendid day!

    • ashley

      Hey Lisa!
      Totally! Love that ;)
      Hope you are having a great week.

    • ashley

      I thought I replied to this already – sorry!! Was so so busy ;)

      Omg you are correct! Went back through my posts and corrected all of them, there were quite a few – thanks so much for catching the typo – totally not the same word ;)

      Hope all is well in your world.


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