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Happy Wednesday! I hope this finds you all enjoying the middle of the week. Before I get into today’s wellness post I wanted to let you know that I am featured on the gorgeous design and lifestyle blog, EmmaDime today! Emma contacted me a while back and asked me to be part of her Lovely Lady feature and I was (and still am) honored! Her blog quickly became one of my go-to sights for design and fashion inspiration. We share a similar aesthetic and it’s fun to be part of a feature that showcases such talented and unique ladies (and a few men too!) Head over to Emma’s blog and check it out!

It’s been warming up down here in L.A. and I have been eating cooler, lighter foods. I am a big fan of eating seasonally.  I realize I am in a privileged position being in LA having access to incredible produce year round, even still, it is important for me to eat as much of what is in season as possible.


Five great reasons to eat seasonally:

1. It just tastes better (and it’s healthier too!) It does. Period. Buy an apple from your local farmers market in the fall/winter then go buy one flown in from South America in the middle of summer. It sounds obvious right? Most produce loses it’s flavor the longer it sits out, there are of course exceptions like winter squash, but for the most part the closer you eat food to the time it has been harvested the more flavors and nutrients it contains. Want to get the most nutritious berries? Pick them up in the summer and they will taste better too.

2. It’s cheaper. I’ve done the math. Time and time again. Shopping, locally and seasonally for food is less expensive than shopping at supermarkets. When foods are in season they are all over the farmers market, this abundance makes the price drop.  It’s all about supply and demand.

3. Our bodies love it. We are designed to eat with the seasons. In the cooler, winter weather our bodies need warmer, heavier foods like root vegetables, grains and healthy fats. In the spring, when all of the powerful greens and weeds are in full swing our bodies need to eat cleaner, lighter foods. By eating seasonally, we honor ourselves and give our body what it needs for optimal health.

4. Connect with your community. Having moved to LA last year I didn’t know many people. Bi-weekly trips to my farmers market introduced me to all sorts of cool and interesting people. I’ve met rad farmers, neighbors and chefs. Also, supporting local farms helps me to connect to the food chain process, is better for the environment and makes me feel like I am really part of something bigger than myself.

5. Keeps things interesting. So often we can get in a rut with food and eat the same things over and over and over. I know. I am totally guilty of this. Buying seasonally from my farmers market sparks my creativity. When I see baby kohlrabi, lambs quarters, and puntarelle, I’m like, okay, time to get artsy in the kitchen. Step out of your comfort zone and buy something new the next time you are at the market. Talk to the vendors, they have always given me lots of suggestions any time I have asked. Don’t be shy if you don’t know what something is – this is a fun way to learn and experience new foods.


How are you eating seasonally these days? Take action this week and try something new from the farmers market. Share your creations and discoveries with me – I cannot wait to hear about them.

Take good care and see you back here soon.



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