wellness wednesdays: create your vision for 2014, part 1

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Last week I wrote about getting those end of the year goals crossed off your list. Today I am posting the first in a 3 part series, Create Your Vision for 2014. In part one we look back over the year to see what we have accomplished. This is the first step in creating our vision for the new year.

While it’s easy to get caught up in all the areas of our lives that still need work (we will cover that in Part 2!) I like to start with the positive ways we have shaped our lives this year. Think back to where you were in January, pretty amazing to see where you are now right? Reaching or surpassing all of our goals each year isn’t always possible nor is it the point. Goals are like our north star – they are meant to guide us not make us feel bad about ourselves.

This year I went a little goal crazy. There was A LOT I wanted to create and achieve. Have I done it all, no way! One of my mentors told me early on if I accomplish all of my goals right away I am not dreaming big enough. I love that. It rings true for me. There are also goals that I set that once I got started on them didn’t really speak to me anymore – that is OKAY too! How will we know for sure unless we try?

One of my goals this year as many of you know was to create 4 eBooks full of unique, healthy recipes. I made that happen and it was amazing. I followed through and stepped out of my comfort zone. Making those books and working with self-imposed deadlines was good for me. I gained invaluable experience in recipe writing, eBook creation, working with Adobe InDesign, and my photography improved. I am proud of all of that work and it is going to help a great deal when I start creating the recipes for my 2014 programs.

Another one of my goals this year was to start a video channel. Well, the year is almost over and I haven’t done that yet! I did a little recording here and there but I had to put that goal aside when I got inspired to create the 10 Day Sugar Cleanse. It is important for me to be flexible with my goals which leaves room for me to take an inspired idea and run with it. If I get too attached to things I will miss out on opportunities.

This year I accomplished a great deal in all areas of my life. I created a list to share with you, what I am most proud of this year.

  • Launched a new website and business
  • Put myself out there online, got super vulnerable with the community
  • Started teaching yoga in my neighborhood
  • Created and facilitated unique online programs that really helped people
  • Inspired and supported clients to make huge changes
  • Tried online dating for the first time and got into an amazing relationship
  • Kept up with my health issues and learned new ways to take care of myself
  • Changed my yoga practice due to an injury, did not let an injury ruin my yoga
  • Stayed connected to my family
  • Practiced gratitude often
  • Took time off work to rest and recharge
  • Asked countless people for help

When you have a moment, take some time and write out your list. Nothing is too small for this list. Anything you feel good about is fair game. Remember we are all in different places in our lives. None of us are better or worse than each other. Get into being happy with how hard you have worked and how much you have grown – it’s a big deal and you are totally worth celebrating.

Create Your Vision for 2014 part 2.




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