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Working for myself means I have to stay on top of my self-care. Because at this point I am a one-woman show, so-to-speak, I could literally work all the time, I love it that much. While that might be good for some people for me it’s a recipe for disaster. If I am not taking care of myself there is no way I can take care of my clients and students, it just won’t happen.

People often ask me how I take care of myself in regards to my business and this is the topic for today’s wellness post. Here are my top five tips for self-care in small business:

1. Value your time. This is HUGE. If you don’t value your time nobody else will. Learn this and practice it.

2. Get enough rest. Sounds obvious but it can be difficult especially for those of us running our own businesses. There is always so much to do! Set a stop time on work for the day. Get a bed time routine going and make sure that you are getting solid hours of rest each night. Nobody functions well on consistent lack of sleep.

3. Take days off.¬†Schedule it out. Make it happen. Don’t wait until you have more time or more money. Start taking a day off here and there to make it a habit. If you don’t take days off work to make time for activities that you love outside of work you and your business will suffer.

4. Stick to your rates. I know. I get wanting to charge less when I’m in fear of not making enough money or take clients on that cannot afford my rates. The thing is it always works out. Stick to your rates and trust that you will be taken care of. Easier said than done I know but it’s important we deserve to earn a living just as much as the next person.

5. Learn to say no.¬†I understand how challenging this one can be, believe me. Learn how to say no to stuff that doesn’t feed you in some way. Running your own business is incredibly time consuming and the more it expands and grows the more you will have to learn to say no. Nobody can do everything. As the old saying goes, saying no makes saying yes more powerful.


This is my go-to check list when things get a little off track in my work life. They’re a great way to check-in and make sure I’m covering my bases.



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