Winter Immunity Juice

winter immunity juiceHello dear friends! I hope your holidays are filled with gratitude and time spent with loved ones. Jason and I enjoyed Christmas with his family yesterday which was nice. We cooked some delicious food and got in a great afternoon nap. I love how slow this time of year always feels. It’s like everything speeds up right before Christmas and then it’s quiet until after the first of the year. Feeling called to finish up some tasks before the end of the year in these next days.

This morning I’m sharing a new juice recipe that we’ve been drinking regularly to keep our immune systems strong. I am a big advocate for seasonal eating in terms of produce selection and temperature. Years ago when I saw my first acupuncturist they shared that it is better for the body to eat warmer foods in cooler temperatures. It seems so basic and obvious but it was at a time when I lived in Portland and was eating mostly raw, which meant lots of cold food. Making this slight adjustment in my diet was huge and made me feel a great deal better.

winter immunity juice

Since that visit I have kept to eating warmer foods in cooler temperatures with the occasional treat. When I  eat something cold in winter, I notice how it effects me pretty quickly. Last night for example, at Christmas dinner I ate a small scoop of really good vegan, sugar free ice cream. That small amount gave me loads of phlegm. Sorry to gross you out but that is often what happens when I eat cold, creamy treats in winter! It happens in summer occasionally too but not as much. Sometimes I am in awe of how sensitive my body has become after all of these years of eating seasonal, whole foods. I’m grateful for it though as I know deep down how much healthier I am as a result. Please know that my journey with eating as a way to heal and nourish myself has not been linear and I don’t freak out when I have some ice cream on Christmas. These days I don’t partake as much in those treats because I don’t like what happens in the aftermath.

We drink fresh juice year round. I realize this is slightly controversial in light of what I wrote about eating foods that are the right temperature. Juice is so high in minerals and vitamins that I feel it is important to make it part of my daily life. We tend to be a population that is low in minerals and vitamins and these elements are crucial for long term health and wellness. It’s easy to become depleted from stress, a busy schedule, and living in polluted cities. I’ve found I feel much stronger and clear when fresh juice is part of my everyday experience.

winter immunity juice

When I drink juice in winter time I try to consume it as close to room temperature as possible. This recipe is easy since I keep my citrus on the counter. In order to save time later I juice enough for 2 servings at a time and when I’m ready to enjoy the second serving I let it sit out for a while before drinking it. It’s really super easy to adapt to drinking juice in the winter and my body thanks me for it every time.

Much of this glorious citrus came from my neighbors trees which makes me really happy! All citrus is loaded with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that fights cancer, strengthens the immune system, combats depression, and clears skin. Grapefruit has many beneficial enzymes that help burn fat and boost metabolism. Oranges are full of potassium which supports a healthy heart. Lemons help to purify blood and support digestion. Do you ever drink lemon water in the morning? It’s one of my favorite rituals.

winter immunity juice

To amp up the antioxidants in the juice I added a home made elderberry-ginger tea. Elderberries are known to build up our immune function and ginger is one of my favorite anti inflammatory herbs. I topped it off with a whole food vitamin C power that has an amazing blend of super fruits.

I’ve been having so much fun creating new juice recipes with homemade teas, expect to see more of this in the future! It really takes juicing to a whole new level. Happy juicing!

winter immunity juice

Winter Immunity Juice

serves 2


Ingredients //


Method //

  1. Add the dried elderberries and ginger root to a small pot with 1 c. of water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered for 15 minutes.
  2. Turn off heat and allow to cool.
  3. Juice all of the citrus and pour in to a large jar.
  4. Drain the elderberry ginger root tea and add 1/2 c. of it to the juice.
  5. Next add the vitamin C powder.
  6. Shake to combine and serve at room temperature.
  7. Juice and remaining tea will last 3 days in glass jars in the fridge.
  8. Enjoy!


  • Corina

    Hi Ashley, this reminds me of the recipe I created for me and my co-workers at the bar where I worked many years ago. This place is 7 meters under the ground and always very cold. So we used the oranges and lemons and similar fruits not only for cocktail decoration, but also for a hot juice/tea with honey in it, cause otherwise it was just too sour. ;-) But it helped many times and no one got sick with the flu. So thanks for your post, I guess I am going to prepare one for myself the next days (and now with ginger too), cause it seems like we finally will have winter over here! :-) Have a great NYE! Corina

    • ashley

      Hey Cornia! You recipe sounds wonderful. Citrus and ginger is such a great combo this time of year. It looked like it might be snowing out your way, that is cold! Perfect time for this juice. Wishing you a fantastic New Year as well. I am so grateful our paths crossed! Lots of love. xoa

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