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Gratitude List № 87

Taking the time to practice gratitude even though I am tired.
Integrating some big pieces last week and receiving the impulse to begin writing a couple of essays.
Showing up for Solomon and Nic today.
Prioritizing my family while showing up for my business with flow and grace.
Softening rigidity.
Recognizing that having it all is an illusion and that on busy days staying embodied and regulated are where it’s at for me.
Feeling into new aspects of myself and my capacity to show up as a present parent.
Engaging in such deep work around parenting without having a holistic model of what that looks like in practice.
Healthy aggression.
A well of inner resources that I am just tapping into.
The willingness to keep showing up and paying attention to what my body has to tell me.
Turning the volume down on the narrative and listening to the beat of my heart and the sound of my breath.
Showing my little son what a regulated mama looks and feels like.
Becoming the earth for this sweet little soul.


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