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Gratitude List № 35

Sun kissed skin.
Ocean breeze.
Friends who inspire me daily.
Text from my Mom asking me how to make a turmeric latte.
Tiny miracles.
Claw foot tubs.
The grace of rose petals.
Thank you prayers.
Energy conservation.
Every no is a yes.
Giant salads with avocado.
A heartfelt letter from overseas.
True blue companions.
The F hanging out in his cat bed.
My back against a redwood tree.
Grounding into my bones.
Learning that resting isn’t unproductive.
Changing my perspective.
Finding a glimmer of hope in
Self care overhauls.
Radical gentleness with myself.
Daily forgiveness practice.
A deep call to go out into nature.
Listening to that call even though I’m afraid.
The dance of self cherishing.
A new kind of vision quest.


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