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A Spring Offering

Happy Equinox friends! We are officially entering my favorite season for personal growth and renewal. I’ve spent the morning weeding my yard, preparing to plant some beautiful herbs and veggies. This season is all about connecting to the earth in a very physical way. I’ve never felt so called to get my hands in the ground and work with the soil to manifest my deepest desires. There is real magic in tending to the land and I feel how much I am healing by taking the time to ground myself in the most profound yet simple way.

This bowl of magic in the photo is from my teacher’s garden and I’ve been sprinkling these dried bits of tobacco, corn, sage, and lavender all over the yard. This is how I am honoring the transition within in nature and within myself. By returning this plant material back to the ground I am reminded of my truest source of power, the force that carries me when it feels like I cannot possibly take one more step and the force that shines though my eyes when I am out in the world, present and full of joy.

The deeper I go on my journey the greater my longing to connect to the earth and the practices that fill me up from the inside. There is so much power and energy available by taking the time to cultivate a relationship to nature. Each time I put my hands in the soil, water the plants outside or gently pull a lemon from the tree out back I am happy. There is nothing I need because I am truly one with everything around me. Tapping into the vibrations of nature and giving back to her as much as possible is becoming my spiritual practice.

The bees and Hawks came out to play earlier and even my cat is enjoying the potent energy of spring. I feel it in all of my cells, the vibration of new life coming forward and old energies being composted into something more vibrant than I can imagine.

And I’ve been called to compost so much during these last weeks. I can feel the internal shifts and the beliefs I’ve held tight for years rotting away. I feel done with them, over them, bored with them, ready to transmute them into joy, love, acceptance and peace. Spring is here as a reminder that we can compost as much as we are willing and that it’s our choice to live in our insecurities, our doubts, our fears. Today I give all of this to the soil as a prayer to live in as much joy and abundance as I am open to receiving.

In her essence spring is a metaphor for change and it’s up to you how much you want to shift. Some changes we welcome, others we resist. Today, decide if you’re ready to drop the resistance and soften into right here right now.

Are you willing to get super uncomfortable, shed whatever you need to shed to become a brighter more open version of yourself?

Are you willing to compost whatever is holding you back and tend to your inner garden, giving yourself loads of love, nourishment and tenderness?

I am. I am so ready for all of this. I have felt the presence of death in recent days and I feel how precious this life is. We don’t know how much time we have and I am unwilling to let another minute go by where my insecurities and fear are calling the shots. Today, on my knees with my hands firmly planted on the grass I pray,

Dear Universe,

Please help me transform this darkness into light that heals everyone around me,

show me where I can help,

and who I can serve.

Teach me through birds and animals,

the ways that I am here to lead and the messages I need to receive.

I am paying attention and I am ready.

I am listening.

I am willing to risk more.

I am open to receiving your guidance,

I expect it,

I trust it,

and I will take action on what comes through in a timely fashion.

I love you.


  • How beautiful, the idea of composting habits and old routines and whatever else may no longer be serving us. That even those negative things still hold the potential for growth and renewal. Thank you for these words, Ashley! And happy spring to you!

    • ashley

      Hello Simone,
      It is so lovely to hear from you thanks for connecting. Yes, everything is game for composting this season! Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful Spring. xoa

  • Joan Santa Croce

    I feel so blessed to have found your blog! Your honesty and open heartfelt communication is like a balm on my weary soul. I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom, truth, spiritual practice and mostly for sharing who you are!
    Thank you !! You are making a difference in my life!


    • ashley

      Joan! Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. I am receiving your light and am truly grateful. I really appreciate you taking the time to connect. Thinking of you and sending love today! xo

  • Completely overwhelmed by the beauty of this prayer. I just found your blog and very much enjoy your writings. Namaste <3

    • ashley

      Thank you so much Jessica! I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. Thrilled to connect with you! Sending love your way. xo

  • So much inspiration! Thank you! :-)

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