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Be Inspired by Your Life

Sometimes I am amazed at how much growing there is to do. I guess it seems obvious on one level, like of course we are always growing we live in a constant state of death and rebirth but when it’s actually happening it’s like, “Omg when do I get to just relax and take it easy?!” I’m learning that some of the keys to enjoying the growing pains are to not carry the weight of the entire world on my shoulders. (Read: not be so damn serious about everything—yes, this is a challenge for me—and also learn to be inspired by my life.)

Searching for inspiration outside of myself has always come easy. I read a great deal and am often very moved by other peoples words. When I listen to music and hear something beautiful and true it is clear to me that there is a life force beyond what I imagine possible. By surrounding myself with friends that continue to show up for themselves I have the strength to move forward. Participating in a spiritual community where many people are actively learning and practicing how to better serve each other raises my consciousness. In all of these ways and more I am affected by outside sources and that fuels my journey to know myself honestly and share more of myself with others.

Recently I have taken on a couple of new clients and am working with them to improve their lives. I asked a new client why she contacted me to support her growth and she said it was because of the way that I live my life – I practice what I teach so-to-speak. Intellectually I know this to be true but it was heart affirming to hear it from her. It dawned on me after that talk that I should take a closer look at my life and get inspired by it too.

I have never been a person that likes to brag about my accomplishments. If anything I have been the opposite most of my life, very down on myself, unable to accept praise and when people would reach out and tell me how something I created or said helped or inspired them I generally blew it off. I wasn’t taught to enjoy my innate gifts and learning to do that has been a process. In the past I had a tendency to judge those that were super positive about themselves, I thought they were full of shit. Today I know the reason I thought that is because I had such a low self-worth. The more I practice embracing all of my qualities and being fearlessly kind to myself the more I am able to look back and be inspired by the paths I have chosen.

In this moment I am not afraid to say that I am inspired by my life. I know I have overcome a great deal to get to the place that I am today and my unwavering commitment to show up no matter what nourishes my soul and provides me with the energy to keep on growing. Take a look at your own life. Where can you draw inspiration from within? How can you make a practice out of using yourself as an untapped source of light, love and service? Seeking encouragement and motivation from our surroundings is a great way to mirror back all of the qualities and strengths that lie within us. Next time you feel like you need something outside yourself to get going try sitting still and seeing if you can pull that energy from your own life. You might surprise yourself. I know I have.


Photo: Marielle Chua


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