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Dear Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day and I want to share a new poem and some mother earth musings with you. Everyday is Earth Day as far as I am concerned. Cultivating a strong connection to the earth and nature is honestly the most important practice in my life right now. It’s the foundation for everything. If I’m not rooted in the earth and living in as much harmony as possible with everything around me, my life feels very limited and it’s easy to think I’m alone.

As some of you know this past year I have been deepening my relationship to Hawk medicine, specifically the Red Tail Hawks here in Los Angeles. I’ve learned so much about my purpose and spirit through these fierce and majestic creatures. They are helping me develop my psychic capabilities and teaching me in a very tangible way to trust my inner compass like I’ve never trusted it before. This is my work these days, to expand my capacity to have faith in myself. Each time a Hawk soars by I talk to her and am in awe of how she speaks to my heart.

I’ve been praying for years. It has changed my life in too many ways to count and helped me navigate the darkest moments of my life. My morning prayers are always about enlarging my spiritual practice. They begin with asking the universe how I can open my heart to receive more love and guidance from nature. The universe loves honest questions from sentient beings. The beauty of asking questions in my morning prayers is that I never need to have any answers, the practice is in forming a question that points toward the light. The work throughout the day becomes slowing down and being available for the answers to flow in. And they always do in the most divine manner.

There are many ways we can celebrate the earth in our everyday lives that nourishes our spirit in meaningful ways. Pay attention to her. Talk to her. Honor her. Plant a garden. Sleep under the stars. Pick up trash in the park, even if it isn’t yours. Drive less. Eat local. Consume mindfully. The earth is really our first mother that loves us all equally and unconditionally. We are all her children no matter how our parents raised us, no matter what the did or didn’t give us, the earth is here for us all and has nothing but our best intentions at heart.

People often ask me how to make their dreams come true. If you want to create anything, become a devoted student of mother earth. Worship her in all ways and she will provide you with an endless stream of energy and universal love. It’s really that simple. As sentient beings we have a limited amount of energy and power. Awakening to the strong connection you already have with mother earth gives you access to an unlimited flow of energy and is the ultimate reminder than we’re never doing anything alone. We are always, always, connected.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be graceful,
may I walk lightly on your surface, taking only what I need.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be joyful,
may I dance with the butterflies, transforming any sadness into laughter that will help someone else’s heart.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be grateful,
may I praise the wise trees on my windy street, feeling their truth in every inch of my body.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be mindful,
may I consider you in all of my actions and thoughts, living in harmony, honoring your spirit.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be radiant,
may the light in my eyes lift up every spirit I pass as the Hawk screams overhead, delighted that I am finally living our purpose.

All my heart.

Photos by Lani Trock


  • Your journal is very calming and uplifting. The poem at the end of this post is a beautiful mantra. Thank you for this.

    Kelly Coughlin

    • ashley

      Thank you so much for your kind words Kelly. Very grateful you are here! Wishing you a beautiful weekend. x

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