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From Private to Community Practice

For the last seven years I have been very fortunate to have built an incredibly dynamic private practice supporting clients to connect with their breath and their bodies, repairing their histories and empowering their present-day lives.

We laughed together. We grieved together. We celebrated together. We healed together.

In this incredible field of co-regulation I stretched myself as a teacher, practitioner, and sacred space holder. As my clients grew in their lives, I expanded right alongside them, immersing myself in somatic trauma trainings, deepening my embodiment education, becoming a parent, and engaging with my personal healing work so that I could continue to lead from a place that was grounded in lived experience, the latest findings in science, as well as the beauty and mystery of our time here on Earth.

In my heart of hearts I’ve always been an artist. That innate drive to create, whether it be through writing a book or sitting in the field of conscious healing with my clients, has been one of my strongest, most constant guiding principles. My inner compass is always pointed toward deeper creation, learning, and integration, and my life’s work thus far has mirrored those directions in every way possible.

2020, for most of us was a year of reckoning. It was a year of massive welcome and unwelcome change. It was also, for me, a year of fiercely clearing out what continues to hold me in my past and make room for the future that I am determined to believe is possible. Full stop.

As I continue to move through the uncomfortable and enlivening process of awakening into more clarity, knowing, and healing, it has become time for me to close my private practice. I’ve been simmering on this decision for over a year. I processed through so many emotions around closing the doors to the session work that has become a cornerstone of my life and practice, that has provided me with daily opportunities to heal some of the most difficult layers of my history, and that has given me the space to guide and teach with a level of authenticity that has helped me become the adult that I am today. I will forever be in gratitude and awe of the fellow travelers whom I have had the humble honor of supporting, whether it be for a handful of sessions or over many seasons and years.

2020 gave me some time to reflect on the systems in our wellness community that need to be changed for the health of us all. Part of my commitment to being part of this change process is to offer my guidance and expertise in a format that is more accessible. It feels edgy for me to switch things up in such a big way with my practice, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Yet time and time again, my experience has shown me that I can trust my gut and that I can lean into this change process with gentleness. I can even take that a step further and ask the Universe in my daily prayers, to show me how this process can be easy.

So, without further ado, I present to you: How To Breathe: The Practice, a monthly guided breathwork session for those who want to connect to their bodies and learn to harness the power of their breath as a catalyst for transformation. The Practice provides a grounded container of support for the challenges and joys that lie ahead. The Practice offers respite from the complexity of everyday life and a path toward deepening your connection with yourself, loved ones, and the environment in which you dwell.

Each month I will share a thematic session that includes my signature blend of guided breathwork, somatic inquiry, and journal prompts. The Practice is trauma-informed and created for beginning and seasoned breathwork students alike. The Practice is released on the new moon each month and will be available for you to access any time through my online classroom.

Our first session of The Practice begins on January 13th, 2021, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve been deep in creation mode for months lining up sessions that will be both timely and be able to stand alone as powerful tools to initiate and support your most embodied, grounded self.

The theme for our first session is one that I’ve wanted to share a deeper dive into for sometime. It’s such an integral part of how I live and how I teach. The theme is Intention. Together, we will lean into a breathwork practice that will help us get really clear on what we want for ourselves in the new year. The practice will be grounding and clarifying. I am really looking forward to offering you the first session of The Practice, a practical and inspirational teaching for setting the tone for the year ahead.

With love, gratitude, and respect,



  • Lena Scott

    Can I choose the monthly sessions I would like to join? Since I came across the article about you in T and C, I bought your audible book and listen to it daily.

    Lena Scott

    • ashley

      Hi Lena!

      I’m so glad you’re here, thank you for reaching out! I am thrilled that you are enjoying How To Breathe ;)
      I know my assistant is emailing you back today, but to choose the session you want visit The Practice page, then click the ‘more info’ link below then visit ‘Previous Sessions + Upcoming Themes + Release Dates’.

      Happy Breathing!

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