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Gratitude List № 02


The power of the earth.
The sweetness of strangers.
The ease of laughter.
The frequency of love.
The flow of friendship.
The song of the nightingale.
The message from a raven.
The call of the hawk.
The prayer of the ocean.
The focus of the spider.
The persistence of the child.
The anger underneath an ignored desire.
The grief in her lungs.
The call to dive deeper.
The warmth of a cup of tea.
The comfort of a safe space.
The devotion of the student.
The humbleness of the master.
The urgency of the moment.
The tenderness of his touch.
The honesty in his words.
The tears on your cheeks.
The silver lining.
The assurance of his hug as you fall asleep.
The blessing of another sunrise.





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