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Gratitude List № 03

Keeping up with writing something even when I want to skip it.
Six hours of podcasts.
Staying inspired.
A fun photo shoot this afternoon for Apartment Therapy.
Talking about real stuff.
Revisiting the role of ethics in teaching.
Opening my heart to possibilities.
Taking the day off Instagram.
More support than I imagined possible.
Nitsa taking such good care of Falcor and the house while I was away.
Friends that truly care.
Being of service in some small way.
Plans to be a little social this week.
Recognizing I won’t be missing anything if I leave.
The city will keep spinning without me.
Deep breaths.
A desire to feel what I am capable of.
Strengthening my intuition.
My ability to read people.
More clarity about my path as a teacher.
Willingness to make space for creativity.
The details.




  • Lisa

    I also committed to writing my prayers down every night (though I missed it the last two days, but no self judgment!) and it has begun to be such a great practice for me. No matter what way/shape/form they take on the paper, the words need to be written, and making space for the practice is a blessing in itself. Keep writing! I love your gratitude posts. Reminds me of what I am thankful for as well.

    • ashley

      Hi Lisa,
      I love hearing about your practice, thank you for taking the time to share it. What you wrote resonates deeply with me, that the words just need to be written and take shape. Thank you for reminding me that the practice itself is such a blessing. Sending love and gratitude. x

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