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Gratitude List № 05


Reading back through everyone’s comments on the journal.
Setting aside time tomorrow to write everyone back.
Feeling incredibly seen, loved, and heard.
Morning prayers.
Extra long cuddles with the cat.
Fun photo shoot with the lovely Marielle.
Sun catching the belly of a soaring hawk.
Lots of folks sharing an article about my breathwork practice.
Walnut tree dreaming.
My amazing cousin Erin editing my book proposal.
Magic literally everywhere.
Emails with my favorite psychic.
Teaching breathwork to a group of high level executives.
A partner who really shows up over and over.
Forgiving myself every night.
Letting love in. Like all the way.
Indie tunes on the radio.
The Crown.
Booking new clients for heart healing sessions.
Clearing pain that isn’t mine to process.
Protecting my energy.
Loving myself through challenges.
Falling down and picking myself back up with a smile.
Again and again and again.



  • Tay

    This is one of my favorite gratitude lists that you have posted. I just recently started reading and following you, and I feel the need to verbalize what an inspiration and light you are to me, my writing, and the way I go through every day. Thank you for being so incredibly radiant and creating this safe space

    • ashley

      Hi Tay,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out and connect. It is wonderful to hear from you and I am happy to learn that you are enjoying the lists and spending time here on the journal. I’ve been taking a little break this summer and will be posting regularly again in the coming weeks. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and I am grateful you are here! xo

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