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Gratitude List № 06


Take out for dinner.
Keeping things really simple.
Asking for guidance each morning.
Creating obstacles just to clear them.
A healthy respect for fire.
Convo with my love.
Seeing darkness and moving in the opposite direction.
Not processing sadness that isn’t mine.
Feeling a deep love for my parents and releasing any lingering traces of blame.
Recognizing that I am the only one who gets in my way.
Tears of forgiveness.
Embodying joy.
Inner strength.
Tidying up my side of the street.
Seeing how far I have come.
Not needing to be everywhere all of the time.
Feeling good about pulling back.
Being on the front lines.
Showing up.
A sweet kitty that loves to cuddle.
Emotional intelligence.
A light that never goes out.




  • Thank you for these gratitude lists. They are wonderful reminders.

    • ashley

      You are so welcome Kyana. Thank you for taking the time to share that, it really lights me up! Wishing you a beautiful new moon and eclipse. x

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