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Gratitude List № 07

Writing this list before crawling into bed.
Willingness to post it without a photo since it’s late and I was in a training all day.
Self care.
Steady engagement with my daily writing practice.
New moon in Pisces.
The depth of water.
The cleansing of tears.
Freedom in my bones.
Evening light over the city where dreamers come to dream big.
A healthy sleeping kitty at the foot of the healing table.
Old friends.
New love.
Baby spirits everywhere.
A made bed.
The rapid growth of plants.
Asking mother earth to support my transition and take what I am willing to release.
Clearing the cobwebs.
Sharing my vision aloud to a room full of bright faces.
Creative energy moving through my entire body.
Good cover songs.
Acknowledging the pain without making it my identity.
Paying attention to the details.
Exchanging with love in a greater way.



  • Kamaile

    I didn’t even notice there wasn’t a picture ;-)
    Sharing my gratitude list from today:
    Keeping my mind clear
    Knowing this too shall pass
    Being OK with not being OK all the time
    Knowing about crystals
    Time with family
    Unanswered prayers
    Prayer that are over answered
    Healthy body
    Mind that can sit back
    Scattered thoughts written down
    Loving myself
    Loving all, where they are
    Keeping faith for good things coming
    Transforming slowly like a butterfly
    Being in the middle
    Being in anticipation

    • ashley

      Love this list Kamaile! Thank you so much for sharing it. I relate to everything you wrote and I especially like the line ‘being okay with not being okay all the time.’ YES! Feel free to share as often as you like. x

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