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Gratitude List № 09

A beautiful breathwork class this evening.
Feeling very inspired and uplifted by the amazing women who showed up.
Teaching is in my bones, such a deep calling.
Following my intuition all day, playing with it, leaning in.
Surprise lunch with Lacy and Marianna in Echo Park.
Full of gratitude for the incredible community I have in L.A.
Keeping my heart open.
Easy and fun conversation with Nic tonight.
Feeling more in love and excited to be in partnership than I ever have before.
Quieting the voices and old fears that are on the look out for danger.
Being a friend to myself.
Deregulating my nervous system.
Loads of spiritual tools.
Showing up for my practice even when I am tired.
Getting excited about the little things.
Missing my Dad.
Big big changes coming through.
Energy awareness.
Knowing how to clear and protect myself.
Having more fun.
Laughing with my Mom this afternoon.
Letting myself be loved.
The breath.



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