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Gratitude List № 100

Taking the time to breathe and feel into what I am grateful for this evening.
Voice notes from dear friends.
My next book coming to life.
The reminder that good things take time, there is no need to rush the process.
Creating a secure attachment with our dear son.
Connecting to my toddler self and growing right along side Solomon.
Feeling though many layers of grief and anger so that I can show up and shift the parenting paradigm in my lineage.
The sacred pause.
Turning inward.
Practicing being with the emotions I am experiencing instead of covering them up.
Learning to see the problem as the portal. Finding moments of laughter and joy in the midst of the mess and pain.
Seeing our land through Solomon’s eyes.
Leaning on the land to hold and support me through this season.
Exploring the moments where it all feels like to much.
Asking for help.
Watching three deer rest outside of our bedroom window.
Feeling Solomon’s joy as he runs into the yard to watch the full moon rise.
Exhaling slowly.


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