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Gratitude List № 12

Afternoon nap with the cat.
Taking a break from cleaning out the garage.
Knowing when to push forward and when to pull back.
Dropping the judgements about how I am taking care of myself.
Green juice.
Bone broth.
Nourishing my body even when it feels overwhelming.
Staying hydrated.
The sweet smells of spring.
Clear skies.
Willingness to grow.
New music.
Sorting through old photographs and letters.
Letting so much shit go.
Teaching breathwork in a beautiful house on the beach tonight.
The full moon.
Nic making space for me in the house.
Setting a moving date.
Loads of encouraging emails about the move up north.
Happy plants.
Writing daily.
The desire for a quiet and simple life.
Smiles from strangers.
Clean laundry.



  • Kamaile

    I am still doing my daily gratitude list!
    ” Dropping judgment about how I am taking care of myself ”
    Oh yes!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough self care (its information that I’m being guided to check in) and other times I’m like “oh I got this!”

    From mine:
    Wanting others to be happy
    Knowing what is mine
    breakfast with him
    Wanting the best for me
    Love of self
    Water that is clean
    Quiet time alone
    Not taking things personal
    Looking back without being sad
    Knowing I can change my mind

    • ashley

      YES! Thank you so much for sharing this epic list! I love all of it and that second to last line is GOLD. Such growth and transformation in those words. Grateful for you sister! x

  • Heather Russell

    Ashley, I am new to the journal and found it through a shared FB post. I just wanted to express my appreciation and admiration! So brave and beautiful to share with the masses in this way. As I read it’s like reading my own story down to the small details. Haven’t had one of those strong coincidences through someone else’s expression in a very long time. Thank you! -Heather

    • ashley

      Hello Heather! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and connect. I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. I am especially glad to hear that your relate and feel an affinity with they way that I share. That is the biggest compliment to my and I am grateful! Wishing you a beautiful spring and sending love your way. x

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