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Gratitude List № 13


The most affirming comments, emails, and texts about my recent journal post.
Commitment to truth telling.
Warm breeze.
Clear skies.
Hummingbirds buzzing around outside my window.
Being a compassionate witness.
Constant reminders that I am not alone.
Radical love.
Being super confrontational.
Not hustling for my worth.
Clear signs from the universe.
Answered prayers.
Nurturing the inherent value I bring by living out loud.
Falcor being cared for.
Plant medicine.
Recognizing that the love Nic and I share is much larger than the two of us.
We are better together.
Ride or die friends.
Being seen. Like really seen.
Receiving praise with grace.
James Vincent.
Clumsy puppies.
Chicken roasting in the oven.
Kisses after being apart.




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