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Gratitude List № 17

Gratitude List 17 x Ashley Neese

Two hour afternoon nap.
Homemade elderberry syrup.
Late morning massage.
Caught up on emails and journal comments.
Meyer lemon tree blossoms.
Joyful hummingbirds.
Strengthening my alliance with nature.
Clean laundry.
California sunsets.
Leaning into the slowness.
Forgiving myself every night before I fall asleep.
More clarity around how much space I need.
Willingness for things to flow easily.
A family to go home to.
Desire for deeper integration.
Setting boundaries when I am scared.
Seeing how fear keeps me small.
Feeling the call to let even more light into the cracks.
The grounding of trust.
The healing of listening.
The necessity of claiming.
The softness of generosity.
The comfort of belonging.



Photo x Marielle Chua


  • Meg

    Sounds like you have been doing some fueling up! Love! It!

    Setting boundaries…that is a big one for me…love that I am not on this path alone.

    Blessings and grace

    • ashley

      I love reading all of these comments from you Meg, thank you for taking the time to write and share. Boundaries are really up for me in a new way and it’s been challenging and fun to work at a different level. Isn’t it amazing how we can always learn more and go deeper? Sending love to you!

  • Nice blog, I like the way you express your feeling and thoughts. Thanks for sharing such beautiful blog… :)

    • ashley

      Thanks so much Jaen, it’s wonderful to connect with you! x

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