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Gratitude List № 20

Peach sunsets.
Paleo waffles.
Plant babies.
Salt lamps.
A truck full of fresh herbs.
The way Nic looked at me during dinner.
Heart centered conversation.
Lifetimes of dancing.
Lifetimes of laughing.
Lifetimes of coming back home.
Letting go of outdated ideas about myself.
Ushering in a slower and softer paced life.
Grounding the static.
Tuning the frequency.
Upgrading the os.
The smell of well tilled soil.
A pink rose outside the window.
Radical acceptance.
A heart that is ready for anything.
A mind that is willing to be part of a team.
The freedom that trust provides.
Short stories that will make you laugh and cry.
Reshaping the narrative one sentence at a time.
Coming out of hiding, like all the way out.
A new memoir.
A sun kissed cheek.
A blade of sweetgrass.
A love who really gets me.
Always. x


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