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Gratitude List № 22

Baby arugula.
Connecting the dots.
Pets getting along a little better.
The smell of lilies in the house.
Neighborhood plant walks.
Walking for so long without seeing another person.
Turmeric lattes.
Afternoons at the shop with Nic.
Surprise visit from my family.
Feeling more settled up north.
The rain bringing all the plants to life.
Fleetwood Mac singalong.
Drinking enough water.
Taking tomorrow afternoon and Monday off to rest.
Making self care my number one focus right now.
Creating space and then being aware of how quickly I try to fill it.
Allowing for even more room for being uncomfortable.
Playing my growing edge with slowness.
Changing the tape about productivity equaling self worth.
The belief taking root that our worth has nothing to do with anything external.
The simplicity and obviousness of it all.
Laughing at myself.
Loving myself.
Being unapologetically me.
All my heart.


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