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Gratitude List № 24

Gratitude List 24 x Ashley Neese

Fresh air.
Ocean views.
A hidden community labyrinth.
Deep belly laughs.
Seeing the bigger picture.
Ride or die friends who consistently show up and are doing their work in this life.
Allowing myself to feel the ways that I wasn’t supported when I was younger and receiving the love that is abundant in the present.
Daily forgiveness.
Life force.
The unexplainable urge to keep growing and expanding.
Feeling less and less afraid of confrontation and more excited about being clear af.
Setting boundaries like a tender warrior.
Embracing masculine energy.
Conversations that are changing the landscape of what it means to heal relationally and how to stay grounded when we’re on the front lines.
Canyon sunsets.
Spring blooms.
This body that has seen me through so much and wanting nothing but to protect me and keep me safe.
Creating space for shedding another layer.
Fuller breath.
Cover songs that are better than the original.
Kindred spirits.



  • Kindred spirits, indeed… I stumbled across your blog, Ashley, and am so glad that I did. You write beautifully and straight from the heart. Most of all, you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. We’re on a similar healing journey… Thank you for the inspiration. Keep shining, keep doing what you do. Sending love and warmth from South Africa.

    • ashley

      Hello dear Lara,
      It is wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to write. Thank you for doing your work and being on this journey. It is comforting to know we are not alone and that there are other kindred souls out there showing up and living from their heart. Thinking of you today and sending love across the seas. x

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