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Gratitude List № 25

Gratitude List 25 x Ashley Neese

California redwoods.
Two hour naps.
Sleeping in a small town with no cell reception.
Bare feet on coastal grass.
Full bellied hawks.
Looking over the hills for miles and not seeing another person.
Listening to the stories my body wants to tell.
Feeling the inner conflict, the aspect that wants healing and the aspect that doesn’t quite trust.
Recognizing that my desire to heal is stronger than my fear of everything falling apart if I do this deeper work.
Laying a new foundation.
A partner who envisions a bigger life for himself and for us.
The feeling that even in the midst of such immense pain and heartache we have choices and that in many ways our life together is just beginning.
Clarity around the kind of regulation my nervous system needs.
Asking for help.
Being shown a way through.
A calling that has nothing to do with saving the world and everything to do with saving myself.
An0ther chapter.
Another way through.
A story that longs to be midwifed.
A willingness to be the one who goes all the way.


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