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Gratitude List № 26

Gratitude List 25 x Ashley Neese

The wind in my hair.
A view of the water.
Roses in the front yard.
Two incredibly inspiring and expanding conversations.
Acceptance of what feels shaky.
Leaning in even more.
Opportunities to drop into the well and share the treasures I find.
The book that is writing itself.
A cat that knows how to live between worlds.
Reminders everywhere.
Sticking up for myself.
Disengaging with anyone who isn’t on a frequency that resonates with mine.
Not apologizing for taking up space.
Coming clean about what I’ve been hanging on to.
Bringing attention to the part of me that still wants someone to swoop in and make things okay.
Loving that part of myself and settling into the truth that today, in this moment, at this curve in the cycle I am resourced and capable of meeting my own needs.
Riding the giant waves of uncertainty.
A really good title for my book.
Being my own teacher.
Not following anyone else’s lead.
Aiming high and aiming true.



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