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Gratitude List № 27

Gratitude List 27 x Ashley Neese

Clear skies.
Greetings from red tailed hawks.
Slowing way down.
Writing my mother a letter.
Being gentle with myself.
Holy basil.
A deeper settling.
Vivid dreams.
The messages in songs.
A felt sense of what it means to discharge old energy.
Creating new pathways.
Setting aside outdated ideas and beliefs about myself.
Allowing all of the feelings and experiences to sit at the table together.
Making more room for trust.
Doing less, feeling more.
A powerful reminder that I am here to keep healing myself.
Softening into each exhale.
Affirmations that I do not need to hustle for anything, all is coming and my only real job is to take care of myself in this moment.
The vastness of this watery full moon.
Praying to compost what is no longer useful so that I may lay a new foundation for growth.
Holding space for myself.

All my heart.


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