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Gratitude List № 28

Pausing to write this list and reflect on the day.
Endings and beginnings.
The certainty of cycles.
Overcast skies.
Getting the dog riled up on our walk, she always makes me laugh.
Missing our cosmic cat back in Oakland.
Sharing my life with such incredible beings.
Friends who take care of themselves.
Socially responsible investments.
Seeing a future that feels more like me.
So much growth it’s unbelievable.
Waking barefoot on the grass.
Praying to something bigger and more powerful than myself.
A quiet moment of contentment.
Awareness of subtle energetic shifts.
Watching my clients take huge risks and open their hearts up to receiving even more.
Reading my Dad’s book again and feeling the writing lineage of my family.
Being a teller of stories and a seeker of knowing myself in new ways.
Opportunities on the daily to practice compassionate patience.
Big, life changing, things on the horizon.
Feeling into how giant it is right now.
Karmic clearings.
Putting my most honest foot forward.
Hawks on light posts.


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