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Gratitude List № 31

Leaning into the discomfort.
Pacing myself.
Clean water.
Cozy sweaters.
Making up songs.
Finding joy in the most challenging times.
Laughing about it all.
Crying about it all.
Letting it take me down and getting back up.
Asking for help.
Knowing my limits.
Being honest about my availability.
Carving out some time to write today.
Recognizing how much space I need.
This moon tho. Damn.
Books organized, well, almost.
Crystal bowls.
Moving energy through my throat.
Seeing more of my work.
Setting clear energetic boundaries.
Taking time to replenish.
Plans to talk to the trees tomorrow.
All of the local raspberries.
Inspiring new clients who show up so fully.
A beautiful healing space to do this incredible work.
Making magic.
The promise of a new day.


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