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Gratitude List № 32

A soft reminder that this too shall pass.
Laying out on the front lawn.
The lingering scent of jasmine.
Epic summer playlists.
My new/old soul family.
Radical vulnerability.
Letting it all out.
Messy tenderness.
Willingness to be done with outdated stories and programs.
Sending the sorrow back to my parents.
Witnessing my capacity to hold a gentle yet strong presence for myself.
Feeling spacious in my body.
Messages offered in feathers.
The sound of your voice.
Eye gazing in linen sheets.
Dropping the resistance.
Leaning into the big surrender.
A bright pink rose.
Allowing myself space to go even deeper.
Releasing ideas about who I should be and what my life should look like.
Crafting my own methods.
Weaving new stories and not being afraid to really heal.


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