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Gratitude List № 34

Taking the time to write this list.
Summer breeze.
Our mimosa tree.
Spring water.
New cycles.
Feeling deeply committed to Nic and what we are creating together.
An epic, unicorn of a life partner.
A sweet and honest conversation with my Dad.
Mom holding my hand at lunch.
Allowing myself to receive love all the way to my core, to where I’ve desperately needed it for years.
Loving in the most radical ways possible, without expectation, without drama, and with a desire for the people in my life to soar.
Parents who gave me a solid foundation.
Listening to the cues my body is sending me.
Taking the time to do the deeper work, the work that you don’t see on social media, the work that happens in the most quiet and sacred places of my heart.
Slowing down to a pace that is uncomfortable.
Leaning into the places that scare me.
Showing the parts of myself that I’m tired of hiding.
A cozy place to rest my bones.
A safe place to be all of the things.
Seeing through the vail.
Writing my way through this transformation.
The power of sharing stories.
Remembering that I have so much to be thankful for.


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