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Gratitude List № 38

Late afternoon breeze.
Contemporary art.
Clients who are motivated to expand their capacity for self care.
Major heart opening.
The flow of abundance.
Uplifting lunch with one of my favorite L.A.
Friends who are literally slaying on the daily. You know who you are babes!
Being seen.
A direct line to spirit.
Canary yellow.
Radical kindness.
Setting clear boundaries.
Beautiful breathwork session with an amazing mama and her babe.
Laughing on the porch.
Not being afraid of who I am.
Epic visions.
A beautiful, sacred, and often messy life.
Taking it all in.
Speed dialing prayers.
Releasing outdated beliefs.
Listening to the voice that asks for a slower and more intentional life.
Doing it all imperfectly and enjoying the magic of the unfolding.
Forever softening.


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