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Gratitude List № 39

Valuing my energy and time.
Friends who really get me.
The wisdom of the human body.
Holding a heart in my hands.
Being a student.
Ushering in tenderness.
Softening tension.
Hands that know how to receive.
Feeling into the places where I’ve been afraid to be seen.
Showing up for myself so hard right now.
Slowing waaaay down.
A partner who inspires me to stretch my relational muscles.
Developing a new way of working that looks nothing like it did before.
Not saying ‘I’m sorry’.
The breath.
Prepping for a solo trip to the woods.
Carving out time to do deeper work.
Impromptu date night.
Always learning.
Always growing.
Always feeling.
Always laughing.
Always loving.


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