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Gratitude List № 40

Asking tougher questions.
Listening with my whole heart.
Waves of empathy.
The flow of truth that is difficult to digest.
The desire to pull back further and the importance of stepping out.
Laughing and crying my way through The Trans List.
Feeling called to serve in a greater capacity.
Being unclear about what that looks like, asking more questions, sending more prayers.
Feeling into where I am needed most.
Deep breaths of cooler air.
The subtle shift of a shortened summer.
The comfort of a soft sweater.
The taste of a roasted strawberry.
The reminder that I don’t have to do it all right now, that I can keep taking care of myself while I stretch and expand my capacity to be of use during these unsettling times.
Holding safe spaces and seeing more clearly the work that is mine to do.
Writing in ways that scares and surprises me.
Seeing the places where I am still afraid to go all the way with sharing my story.
Forgiving myself daily.
Practicing being brave.
Forever risking more.
Always in awe of the surrender.


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