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Gratitude List № 41

Judging myself so much less.
Creativity flowing.
Stepping away from the hustle wanting to be seen all of the time.
Looking inward instead of outward.
Releasing my story of being a recovering addict and alcoholic.
Proving myself to no one.
Making friends with slowness.
Being okay with holding a quieter space for myself.
Up-leveling daily.
Not being basic.
Asking for help.
Petrified wood.
Cleaning out the garage, letting the things go.
Standing in the light of the sun.
Doing the thing the scares me most each day.
New clarity about the space I create and hold as a teacher.
Loads of opportunities to practice saying no.
Strengthening my energetic and physical container.
Clients who amaze and inspire me everyday.
Friends who show up with an abundance of love.
A partner who I can’t wait to marry.
Last minute trip to NYC on the books.
Endless passion for the work that I am so honored to do.
A body that knows how to heal, recalibrate, and discharge what is no longer useful.
Willingness to keep showing up.



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