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Gratitude List № 45

Expanding intimacy.
A deeper capacity to nurture.
Tears of joy and surrender.
The slow, resonant field of the human heart.
Morning conversations about growing our family.
The innate ability we possess to heal ourselves.
Falcor sitting on my lap during an energy clearing breath practice.
The book that wants to make its way into this world.
Literary agents who get my purpose and vision.
Seeing the larger implications of my breath practice and feeling inspired to keep growing the work.
A reminder from within that I can go slow even in the middle of the excitement.
And I can stay grounded even when things are moving quickly.
Having the universe on speed dial.
Being in the eternal flow.
Daily synchronicities.
Being selective with everything.
Garnet, the stone of health.
Herbal infusions.
All of the epic Libras in my life.
Taking time to walk barefoot on the grass.
A willingness to put my energy and attention towards what matters most.
Going to sleep at 9 p.m. three nights in a row.
Countless prayers to Las Vegas and beyond.



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