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Gratitude List № 47

Staying connected to myself.
Being selective about what I’m absorbing.
Sharing one of my favorite breathing practices with @thethirty.
Rewriting the book proposal.
Editing all areas of my life.
Narrowing the focus.
Getting super clear.
Connecting the dots.
Spending less time on the phone and more time with my breath.
Navigating challenging conversations with my partner and feeling again and again just how much we are meant for each other.
Digging even deeper still.
Calling in our spirit baby.
Laughing and crying when the energy comes in so strong.
Expressing fears and feeling the intimacy that vulnerability creates.
Bear energy.
Hourly synchronicities.
Daily bone broth soothing my nervous system.
Feeling the first rumblings of words that are getting ready to flow out of me.
Making more room for what matters most to my heart.
Doing the deep work that doesn’t get packaged for social media.
Risking more than I’ve ever risked before.
Following my own pace.
Reevaluating my output.
Strengthening boundaries.
Loving fiercely.


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