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Gratitude List № 49

My agent taking the book proposal to the next level.
Epic editing.
Clients who fully show up.
Cleansing rain.
Sleeping in.
Dismantling the shadow.
Traversing shame.
Going where I don’t have any lifeboats.
Releasing the places where I hide.
The intimacy that vulnerability offers.
Building a stronger container for myself.
Letting go of the why and getting into the now.
Podcast with the @soretrograde babes went live today.
Form preceding content.
Checking in with what I am keeping track of each day.
Re-shaping the narrative.
The intensity of going inward.
The rawness of uncertainty.
The intimacy of vulnerability.
The spaciousness of the unknown.
The landing of the exhale.
The joy of appreciation.
All my heart.


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