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Gratitude List № 52

A nourishing bowl of soup.
Hanukkah lights.
Hearing my Mom’s voice.
Clients who show up and inspire me daily.
Northern California air.
These majestic Redwoods.
Singing out loud in the car.
Feeling feelings.
And letting other people feel their feelings.
Creating a stronger container.
Drooling in my afternoon massage.
Feeling so IN my body.
Listening to my body even when my mind is trying its best to be in charge.
Appreciating what can surface in the slowness.
Catching glimpses of new levels of creativity.
Taking more space.
Plans to see family this month.
Neroli mist on my face.
New mentors.
Surprising Nic at the shop.
A partner who is devoted to doing the real work of being in relationship.
An epic community, seriously you all feel like a giant hug.
Taking a different route home.
Laughing so much it hurts.


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