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Gratitude List № 54

Coming together.
Feeling inspired.
The desire to grow beyond where I am today.
Taking responsibility for what’s mine.
Living in the uncertainty.
Practicing presence.
Checking myself when I’m resisting taking in the good.
Kindred spirits.
Doing a dance in my PJs just because.
Letting this moment and all that comes with it be enough.
A partner who keeps showing up (even when I’m being Judge Judy) to remind me that I’m safe, that I don’t have to use my judgment as a boundary anymore.
Big, full tears of vulnerability.
Two days until my book proposal goes out to publishers.
A stack of thank you cards to write.
Our little dog in her hilarious sweater.
Accepting this season of my life and learning to trust the rhythm of cycles.
A dream that is already coming true.


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