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Gratitude List № 56

Talking to my Aunt this afternoon and hearing her laugh.
Coming home to a warm house and a beautiful meal.
Crisp air on my face.
Watching the dog nod off into sleep.
The cat giving my hair a wash, kind of gross but really sweet.
Tender, quiet moments at home.
Feeling into just how many unknowns are present right now and feeling so excited about all of them.
Unbelievable praise and feedback on my book proposal.
Letting it sink in that this book is making its way into the world and that it has a purpose that is much bigger than I am.
Creating new practices for the spring retreat, diving so deep into the layers of our bodies and what they have to teach us.
Oh the Redwoods, always the Redwoods.
True blue friends.
Taking the time to reflect and write this list.
The power of subtlety.
The art of listening.
The steadiness of practice.


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