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Gratitude List № 58

Taking the time to get back into this practice.
Getting the first draft of the mood board for the book finished!
Entering a slower yet incredibly abundant season of my life.
A partner who is always willing to do the work.
Learning new ways to exhale.
Taking better care of myself.
Cosmic afternoon convo with a dear friend.
Setting clearer boundaries.
Cultivating a deeper sense of grounding.
Checking off every dream on my New Year’s new moon wish list and it’s only March.
Realizing it’s time to create a bigger container for my vision.
Showing all the way up.
Hummingbirds in the yard.
Being gentle with myself.
Spending more time recharging in solitude.
A community that inspires me in more ways that I can list.
Constant reminders that I am not alone.
Gentle rain showering the street.
Taking a moment to notice the light changing.
Breathing into all that is present.
Linen everything.


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