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Gratitude List № 60

Taking the time to type this list when I’m tired.
A tiny human moving around in my belly.
Friends who never need explanations.
A sweet chat with my Mom this afternoon.
Knowing what my limits are and having better boundaries with computer time.
An incredible opportunity landing in my lap.
Smiling so wide as I feel the space that comes from getting out of my own way.
Taking extra time for rest.
Judgement free eating and deep nourishment.
My love @homesteadapothecary getting our bathroom renovated while I’m out of town (serious dream boat!).
The magic of Ojai sunsets.
My brother and his wife officially moving West.
Being reminded of how much beauty there is in a single day.
Saying bigger NOs to make room for the bigger YESES.
Going to be early and waking up with the sunrise.
Spring water.
Continuing to soften.


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