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Gratitude List № 61

The amazing people who showed up for class last night.
The transformative power of group work.
Feeling my calling and my creativity expand.
Creating more space in my body for this growing babe to move around in.
Learning to have more patience with myself and my sometimes painfully slow process.
Strengthening my boundaries.
Regulating my energetic output.
Saying no to shiny tests from the universe.
Seeing the deeper layers.
Finding steadiness in my breath.
Allowing my intentions to guide me even more.
Clients who show up and do the work.
Enjoying editing my book.
Asking for support.
Taking long naps.
Being willing to do less and acknowledging the discomfort that comes with it.
Softening into the present.
Learning what it means to really listen with my adult ears.
Planning to get in bed before 7pm.
Cozy sheets.
Cooler air.
Deeper exhales.


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