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Gratitude List № 62

The longest stretch of sun.
Attuning to this cycle of light.
Connecting to my truest desires.
Showing up undefended.
Praying in the wee hours of the morning.
Fresh floral air on my face.
Asking potent questions.
The medicine of my own exhale.
Holding wider and deeper space for myself.
Being drenched in abundance.
Allowing the softening to continue.
Becoming a mother.
Talking to this baby growing inside of me.
Sitting in the miracle of my body and its capacity for expansion and resilience.
Celebrating the joy when it is available no matter how fleeting it feels.
Dropping into the earth and reaching for the sky.
Releasing my ideas about how it should look.
Living more and more in curiosity.
Trusting the compass of my heart.


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