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Gratitude List № 67

Afternoon hike in the Redwoods.
Meyer lemon water.
Deep rest during acupuncture treatment.
Setting more boundaries at work.
Getting things in order for maternity leave.
Prepping for the baby blessing this weekend.
Friends who show up and support the major transitions I’m moving through.
Seeing more of my book in layout!
Feeling excited about the energy around it.
A beautiful website update in the works for the new year.
Farmers market produce delivery.
Finding ways to simplify my life right now.
In awe of the level of creativity flowing through me.
Also in awe of how much I am forgetting these days, mommy brain is so real!
Taking care of myself even through I’m tired.
Doing one thing each day to support these last couple months of pregnancy.
Accepting how different my life looks and the ways my priorities are shifting.
Continuing to edit and let go.


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