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Gratitude List № 68

The first pages of my book arrived today!
Seeing the book come to life.
The amazing team of women who have been working hard behind the scenes to make this book accessible and beautiful.
My passion for breathwork and the depths it supports us to travel.
The opportunity to write a book that is going to really help people.
Birthing two babies this year.
Watching Nic play with the cat.
Remembering that I chose this path, this partner, this place to rest my head.
The babe growing stronger everyday.
Noticing the shift in light this evening.
That gentle whisper that fall is on the way in.
Sweet potato fries with avocado mayo (not just a pregnancy thing).
Taking even more space for myself.
Planning my days around my energy levels.
Getting honest about what I can and cannot manage right now.
Leaning into the support that is present.
Not being afraid to make a counter offer.
Asking for what I’m worth.
Allowing my nervous system to settle.
Mom planning a visit in a couple of weeks.
Taking time to feel my breath.


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