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Gratitude List № 73

Returning to this practice.
A happy, smiley son.
Feeling more grounded than ever despite being sleep deprived.
My cozy family.
Being the kind of mother I always wanted to be.
My Southern California family is safe.
People who are looking out for animals.
A new air filter on the way.
The time change.
Quiet moments in the middle of the night with Solomon.
Exciting developments with the book.
Saying ‘not now’ to work that is coming in and sticking to my plan for being on maternity leave until next year.
Soaking up this precious time with Nic, Solomon and our pets.
Simple things like combing my hair, a hot shower and a bowl of fresh carrot soup.
Taking the time to pause and reflect in the midst of this newborn baby dream land.
The expansion of my aura and energetic field.
A cuddly old cat who still loves to nap with me.
A moment to myself to inhale, exhale, and settle into all that is present.
Sinking into a deeper level of slowness and enjoying it more than I imagined.
Allowing myself to stay this open and feeling excited to see where it takes me.
A heart that is ready for anything.


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